The Pop and Shop Team is a nonprofit organization powered by a team of local innovative millennials and entrepreneurs with the passion to raise exposure levels, sales, experiences, and skill sets of Metro-Detroit entrepreneurs and small businesses . The Pop and Shop Team is all about innovation, interaction, and awesomeness, you can expect that from all our events! 

We aim to expose Metro-Detroit consumers of local businesses, increase the community support of small businesses, entrepreneurs skill set, and bring events to Detroit that will make a difference. We are thrilled to take The Pop & Shop Team vision and events to the next level! In all aspects we want to go bigger to make this change of support for small businesses and entrepreneurs rise. We're making today’s change, tomorrow’s normality.

Millions of businesses face the fall of not having a store front. The creation of the pop up shop became a temporary solution to fix this issue. This allows businesses to transport to different locations to sell their products and advertise their services exclusively for a week or so. We took that idea and innovated into a collective of pop up shops in one area. This gives businesses the opportunity to reach new consumers, expose their businesses to a new audience, and have a temporary “store front.” 

About Amanda Rutledge, TEAM HEAD & Founder

Over the last decade, Detroit native millennial and entrepreneur Amanda Rutledge has worked hand and hand with countless Metro-Detroit small businesses. Prior to those years Amanda was employed at many of her family owned businesses. Those experiences she had as a young child opened her eyes to an area she wanted to strengthen in her community. She wants to make major positive changes in the turnaround of her hometown. Those goals along with her love for supporting small businesses and community building fueled her to start her second venture. She currently owns two businesses, M2Designs Co and The Pop and Shop Team. In 2018, she started The Pop and Shop Team with the current goal to boost her community’s support for entrepreneurs and small businesses while positively changing Detroit. While some people may believe turning Detroit around isn't possible, Amanda isn’t one. She describes herself as a creatinnovator who believes anything is possible with a little creativity and innovation.